FAQ about Insomnia, Ambien and buying it online

Ambien FAQ

What is insomnia?

According to sleep specialists, there are many different problems. They range from those who grind their teeth while asleep to those with uncontrolled movements of legs and arms making it dangerous for anyone else sharing the bed. If your sleep is disrupted, it can be worth going for assessment at a specialist sleep center. The problems may be solved without you having to resort to the use of powerful drugs like Ambien.

What are the main precautions with Ambien?

Used as directed by your doctor, there should be few problems in using Ambien. Aim to produce short-term relief, allowing you to sleep and get rested. Then go through cognitive behavioral therapy to relearn the habits of sleep. With coping strategies in place, you phase out the Ambien and resume a life with natural sleep. Unfortunately, people have been persuaded all they need do is keep taking Ambien. This runs the real risk you will become physically dependent on the drug. It will be difficult to stop.


What should you do if you are dependent?

Do not stop suddenly. Your doctor will give you a program for gradually weaning yourself off the drug. This is a slow and often unpleasant process.

Is it safe to buy Ambien from an online pharmacy?

It is true there are a number of dishonest pharmacies trading on the internet. However, the pharmacies we recommend through this site are guaranteed to supply Ambien at full strength.

Why are online pharmacies so low?

There are three reasons. Firstly, each pharmacy is a single warehouse supplying internationally. This has cost savings as against a chain of bricks-and-mortar drugstores across America. These savings are passed on to you. Secondly, the pharmacies buy directly from the manufacturers and effectively sell to you at wholesale prices. Finally, most pharmacies are based in countries where the strength of the dollar allows you to buy more cheaply.

Why do you not need a prescription?

The requirement for a prescription is to protect you as a patient. Because you are forced to see a doctor, this “guarantees” you only get the drugs you need and they will be safe for you to take. While this is a sensible rule for the first prescription, it is inconvenient and expensive for repeat prescriptions. Because most online pharmacies are based outside the US, there is no requirement for a prescription.

But, to protect you, the pharmacist will give you are questionnaire to ensure it will be safe for you to take the drugs. It is in your own interests to answer the questions honestly. The pharmacist will only authorise the sale of the drug if the answers show it is safe.

What happens when you order online?

When the pharmacist reviews your answers to the questionnaire and authorises the sale, the pharmacy will process payment, pack the drugs and ship.

What are the shipping options?

The standard choice from an international pharmacy is between airmail and delivery by a courier service. US pharmacies can offer USPS Priority Mail for delivery to US customers. Under normal circumstances, delivery will take between four and twenty days depending on where you live and where the pharmacy is based.

Note that some US states have customs rules prohibiting the import of some drugs. Although all packages are sent in plain wrappers, there is always a risk your shipment will be stopped. You will find the relevant terms and conditions on each pharmacy’s website. Most pharmacies offer the chance to track the delivery online.